Selasa, 15 Agustus 2017

My experience

I have more than one experience that make me very grateful. My first experience is when i was junior high school. In my junior high school, every student have to bring book or novel and we read that every morning before the class is began. That day, i forgot to bring my novel because i just read that before i sleep. My deskmate just bring one novel and i am confused, i ask my friend who sit behind me, and she bring book more than one. I ask her that i want to borrow her book, and she said yes. I feel very grateful because if i don't read book i will get minus point.

My second experience is in my house. One day, i leave my key in my uniform pocket, tomorrow my uniform be cleaned and i forgot that my key was there. Everyone in my house don't know where is my key, but my housekeeping found my key and i feel grateful.

My third experience is when i was 13 years old, i like One Direction and i want their stuff but my parents don't allowed me and i dont have enough money. Some online shop was doing a huge giveaway and the prize is one direction stuff. I am join that giveaway, one of the rules is we have to make a video, i make my video and i send my video to owner that make the giveaway. The first winner will get one direction parfum Between Us. I want their parfum and i optimist that i will be the first winner. When the announcement, i realize that i am not the first winner, i am a little bit sad. But, i am the third winner and the prize is t-shirt. I not really like the prize, but the owner said that the prize be photocard, i feel very lucky and grateful.

Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017

My New Friend


Muthia   : Uh, i have been very hungry
Faza       : Yess, me too. I have been waiting for 15 minutes
Muthia   : By the way, what's your name ?
Faza       : My name is Faza, and you ?
Muthia   : My neme is Muthia Do you come here often ?
Faza       : Yes, because a lot of food here are dulicious
Muthia   : Oh, really ? this is my first time here
Faza       : Yes, you have to tr strawberry pancake, because it's delicious
Muthia   : Okay, i will try because i love so much strawberry. Except strawberry pancake, what's your                  favourite menu ?
Faza       : My favourite menu  is spaghetti carbonara
Muthia   : Oh, i love it too
Faza       : Anyway, where do you live ?
Muthia   : I live in Antapani, and you ?
Faza       : I live in Ciwastra
Muthia   : Look! there are mv from Shawn Mendes. I love his songs so much
Faza       : Yess, me too. Have you heard Aftertaste ?
Muthia   : Yes, i love this song so much
Faza       : Okay, i think i have to go, nice to meet you
Muthia   : Nice to meet you too.

Selasa, 01 Agustus 2017

About Me

Helloo, My name is Faza Athifah Razani, my short name is Faza. I was born in Bandung, 29 December 2002. I have one little brother, he is 8 years old, i have one little sister too, she is 5 years old. I live in Bandung. I am a quiet person.

Now, I am a student of 3 Senoir High School, my class is X MIPA 6. My junior high school is Taruna Bakti. My friends in junior high school, now study in Taruna Bakti Senior High School, i was registered in Taruna Bakti Junior High School too, but because i accepted in 3 Senior High School so now i am a student of 3 Senior high school.

I like listening music, especially Shawn Mendes and 5SOS songs. I very want to come to Shawn Mendes concert, but my parents not allowed me. I like watch movies and kdrama. I am waiting for The Death Cure in 2018, i already read the death cure novel.

Okay, bye